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The timeline below includes major milestones for this project and some fun facts.


29th Feb 2016

Start of Design

More than 400,000 man hours have gone into the design of this project.

2nd May 2016

Foundations Start

There are 153 caissons designed to support the building. 7,295 cubic yards of concrete will be used on the project. This is enough concrete to pave a sidewalk from the hospital to the top of Sabino Canyon and back.

1st Jul 2016

Start of Steel Erection

The steel for this project was ordered in December of 2015. The mill order was 4,720 tons of steel.

16th Dec 2016

Steel "Topping Out"

At the peak of construction there will be over 400 trade workers on-site.

22nd May 2017

Start of Interiror Drywall

This project has over 1,700,000 sq ft of walls. This will require over 35,000 sheets of drywall. Each sheet of drywall weighs over 110 pounds and is hung by teams of 1 to 2 drywall hangers.

1st Apr 2019

New Facility Opens

The new facility will contain over $50 million new patient care equipment and computers to provide state of the art care to our patients.